Monday, 15 May 2017

My First Time in Kodaikanal!!

My First Time in Kodaikanal!! 

Yes, I know it’s a very clichéd way to start, but isn’t what they say ‘all good things are clichéd’, like the cold rain showers in scorching heat May? Well something like that was My First Trip to Kodaikanal.

I am always eager to travel to new places, and it’s absolutely ok even if the place is off the map, in some quaint rubble from the past. I believe every place has its own rustic flavour, if not charm. So, when my two buddies declared its time for some impromptu planning and badass driving to a hill station, I vouched for Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal is approx. 6 hours’ drive from Coimbatore, our start point. On the way, we three were stopped at a checkpoint by officials (random checking they say) for drunk driving. We had some fun in there but let me not get into the facts. So, as we drove up the hill, I realised two things; one the weather was just right, calm and in accord, and how I needed this break after working my mind off for 18 hours a day; and two, we weren’t alone. 

This place was super crowded (being the peak season and all).

On reaching the Hill Station first we planned to stay in kodaikanal and also we planned to make trekking in topslip place also while we come back from kodaikanal. here there are lot of the sightseeing places are there to see and especially here we must need to visit suicide point at the edge of the kodaikanal hill Station ,followed by the supposedly restricted Berijam Lake, which is a 1 hour tour. Found some breath taking ‘view points’ in this reserve forest, namely Silent Valley.

The guided tour was very refreshing and informative. The following day we visited the Bear Shola falls, Moir Point, Guna Caves and Pillar Rocks. And on the third day it was our Pambar Falls Lake Trek, also known as Grand cascade, spread over 1 km area. There’s also a charming forest next to the falls where you can hang around. We completed our day 3 with another hiking expedition, Vattakanal Trek that ends at the edge of the hill, paving way to spectacular views of the valleys of Vattakanal.

Although, like others we did not tick-off the usual boat rides and botanical garden in our agenda, 

we did try and bring out the adventurous sides in us and also found some best resorts in topslip and Parambikulam location in order to take of unusual food and accommodation in topslip and Parambikulam while drive and come back from the kodaikanal. All in all, my first experience with Kodaikanal was vibrant, tad bit crowded but nevertheless, ‘quite enthralling’. To top it all, if you have the best of companies, even the clichéd looks tempting… don’t you think?

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This article is written by Sanyukta Bhattacharjee was born and brought up in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and has continued to live in this quaint city. She has completed a degree in Media Business Management. Sanyukta started her career as an insurance advisor and changed her course in content development and blogging in 2013.

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